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Squeaky Cheeks Aviary

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Updated 10.8.2019

Celebrating 36 years of breeding
parrots in Denver Colorado!

Wait List is closed until I get more eggs.

Our Favorite Pet Has to Be Chai'

Chai' is ridiculously beautiful, cute, smart and the best pet on the planet. Hands down nuff said. But everyone that meets him falls in love, hes a charmer and a stunner. Every picture he takes is amazing as his face loves the camera. He understands and responds to every word we say. And hes the most loved pet my house has ever had. No words can describe him but "sweet, sweet". He is my son.

Chickens! I Have Lots of Chickens!

Skittles is out favorite. She likes to be held upside down. Thats her on the bottom left and again on the bottom right with Daisy. Top right is Cookie. And yes we get eggs! About 5-6 dozen a week. So my parakeets have plenty of fresh hard boiled egg to enjoy!

I have more chickens that are not pictured.